Pinewood Derby 2018

​​​The Pinewood Derby is a great chance to build something with your cub scout and let them be creative.  Make a fast car, silly car, slow car of just a fun car.  And remember - the scout should do as much work on the car as he is able to do!

The Cub Scout race is in the morning, parents & siblings race in the middle of the day, Girl Scouts race in the afternoon, and lastly we run the Cub Scouts vs Girl Scouts race where the fastest cars from each race for a special trophy.  Of course we encourage the scouts and families to be there for their race, but you don't have to be present for your car to go down the track for any of the races.

Cut Days

If you don't have the right tools or just want to get together with other scouts while working on  your Pinewood Derby car, there will be design templates, saws, drills, sanders, dremel tools, weights, official scale, spare wood and decals, etc. available for you to use on the following days:

  • Cut days and times to be confirmed.

Pit Night:

Pit night is from 6:30-8pm on Friday January 19th in the Tolbert cafeteria.  This is your chance to weigh and measure  your car to be sure it's legal for racing the next day.  Pit Night is a great time to do a final check of each car including legal dimensions, weight, construction, and safety of design. That way you will have time to make changes to your car if you need to before racing begins on Saturday morning.  There will NOT be an opportunity to test-run cars on the track before the race! All cars will be checked again prior to racing on Saturday.

Race Day:

There are a number of events on Race Day.  ALL TIMES TO BE CONFIRMED CLOSER TO THE EVENT

  • 8:00-9:00 - Cub Scout car check in
  • 9:30 - Cub Scout racing begins
  • 10:00 - Family car race check in begins
  • 11:00(ish) - Family race begins.  Race start time dependent on completion of Cub Scout races.
  • ​The Girl Scouts will hold their race after the Cub Scout and Family races are complete.
  • There is will be a final Cub Scout vs. Girl Scout race at the end after all Cub Scout and Girl Scout races are complete.

Award Categories

Speed Awards

  • 1st thru 4th Place Overall Pack 998
  • 1st Place in each Rank
  • Turtle Award (slowest car that crosses the finish line - this one is harder than it seems)


  • Most Futuristic
  • Funniest 
  • Most Patriotic 
  • Most Cub Scout Pride 
  • Leaders Choice

Scout Race Rules

Pack 998 follows the Goose Creek District Pinewood Derby rules which can be found on this page:NCAC Goose Creek Pinewood Derby Rules.  

Some of the key rules that have been issues in the past are:

  • ​​All Pinewood Derby cars must be newly built in the current Cub Scouting year - one car per scout.
  • Cars must be built using the materials in the Official Pinewood Derby Racing Car Kit (catalog number 17006) or the Official Wheel/Axle Kit (see the section on wheels). Hobby shop parts such as Pinecar precut car bodies, Pinecar axles, Pinecar wheels, axle tubes, bearings and springs are strictly prohibited. 
  • ​Underside clearance of at least 3/8 (0.375) inches and inside wheel-to-wheel clearance of at least 1¾ (1.75) inches is recommended, so that the car will run on the racetrack. Adequate clearance is the responsibility of the racecar builder.
  • ​​Cars cannot weigh over 5.0 ounces, as determined at the time of registration on the Derby Day using the official scale and judged by a member of the race staff. 
  • Wheels must either be the Official B.S.A. wheels provided in the Pinewood Derby Kit or the new multi-colored Official BSA Pinewood Derby wheels that are available online at or at local Scout Shops. 
  • ​​All cars must have four wheels; at least three need to touch the track surface
  • The wheels must be placed in the slots provided. If a slot is broken and a new one is needed, the slot cannot exceed ¼ inch from the original position (the original slots are cut at 4½”). 
  • ​Machined axles with cut grooves, slots or other similar modifications are not permitted.
  • ​​Axles cannot be bent.  Axles must be set to allow the wheels treads to be flat on the track.


Family Race Rules

Parents & siblings - this is your turn to make a car.  Legacy cars are very welcome. Bring the old stuff!   The Family race has very limited rules.  Your car can't extend beyond the starting gate at the beginning (see Goose Creek District Rules) and it must fit under the timing unit at the end.  It can't be so wide that it touches other cars on the track.  No explosives, no flames or extremely combustible material including CO2, nothing that will damage the track or other cars, and nothing that requires you to load or initiate the car or a device.  Yes, we have to stipulate these things.  No weight limit - again just don't hurt the track.   Beyond that, be creative!  but most size restrictions. We have more cars available for $5.00 and they are also available at Leesburg Hobbies or online. 


  • Lubricate your axles - dry lubricant only.  See rules
  • Cleanup axles - you can't modify them but you should get rid of the burrs on the axles unless you're competing for the turtle race

Cub Scout Pack 998

​Leesburg, Virginia